Grassfire Ad Network

Welcome to Grassfire Ads! We’re a  boutique ad agency  serving a niche, highly engaged politically active audience of 5,000,000+ Americans each month .

Our audience is extremely motived for socially enriched action, proven ready to financially engage with the right services, products and campaigns, and tends to influence others to join with them in related activities. It’s a very targeted audience with a core set of mutually shared political values and beliefs.

We’re ready to get your message to millions of Americans right now!

Our agency specializes in developing custom crafted messaging campaigns that ensure your product, service or narrative not only gets in front of the right audience, but gets there in a format that provokes a motivated financial response. This includes custom email delivery campaigns, live streaming video, video/written product reviews, visual advertising and more.

Our agency is all in-house. We do not outsource work and we always commit to being the engine that carries your message directly to consumers.